Progress continues as PARQ Life Reimagined breaks ground on its first multifamily residences at 500 Parq Lane.

PARQ Builders breaks ground on 275 multifamily residences at the former Lanidex Plaza in Morris County on June 15 – construction will be complete in Q1 2024.

PARSIPPANY, NJ – Live. Stroll. Work. Play. Enjoy. Welcome to PARQ Life Reimagined. Officials broke ground yesterday on 275 multifamily residences at the exciting new multi-generational community. Located at 500 Parq Lane in Parsippany, PARQ will encompass townhomes, multi-family residences, onsite retail, open green spaces and state-of-the-art amenities.

Haytham Haidar, Managing Director of PARQ, paid homage to Benjamin Franklin, one of our nation’s Founding Fathers, as his constant fortitude and persistence is an inspirational reminder that this project is not just about building, it is a special journey in the creation and progression of PARQ Life Reimagined – a great legacy that each of us get to play a key role.

“Life is about progress and evolution,” Haidar said. “We stood here on December 2nd to break ground on PARQ Life Reimagined and now, six months later, we stand here together again, and we see where we have come and the beautiful direction in which we are going.”

“This groundbreaking is not just about the literal meaning of the word,” he continued. “It is about the synergy, talent, design, engineering and infrastructure that continues to evolve. We are building a legacy that will be enjoyed by the entire community for generations to come. We cannot wait to see this story unfold.”

“This is a celebration,” said Joe O’Neill, the event’s emcee. “We are going to give residents the best of all worlds, here in the suburbs with great access to the city, as well as fantastic Parsippany restaurants and shopping opportunities. This has been such a great partnership, and everyone involved has brought something unique to it.”

“This project will be good for the township of Parsippany-Troy Hills,” said Parsippany Mayor James R. Barberio. “I am looking forward to working with PARQ. My office is an open-door policy, and I will be here for any help you need.”

Pat DelleCava, Business Manager for Local 102 IBEW, said, “I just wanted to thank our great friends Haytham and the Milelli brothers for creating these opportunities, we are really eager to get back here and take this dusty site and transform it into the crown jewel of Parsippany.”

Located at the junction of I-287 and I-80, the project will be completed in two phases will ultimately transform the former Lanidex Plaza in Parsippany. “One of the key components to the site is the open space, the essential green spine that runs down the site in an east-west axis, providing for outdoor Wi-Fi space with touchdown points where folks can take calls, walk to lunch, etc.,” said Stuart A. Johnson, AIA, Principal of Minno Wasko Architects and Planners. “We have also designed buildings to have wide corridors, oversized elevators and touchless access in a post-covid world.”

Anthony Milelli, Principal Director of PARQ, took to the podium to express how PARQ will instill a new sense of community and placemaking by celebrating the balance of health, happiness and well-being.

“We believe the property, its excellent location, transportation network, infrastructure, accessibility and prominence in the community is the forefront of the new beginning and new chapter in its storied history,” said Milelli. “Therefore, after the tireless and passionate efforts of so many remarkable people, we present PARQ – a community that will present a variety of options to live, work, play and most importantly, one that will embody a sense of pride, be a pillar in the community and leave a legacy that will be enjoyed for years to come.”

About PARQ

The PARQ development team includes: Garofalo O’Neill Ruggierio, LLC, Real Estate Law; Murphy Schiller & Wilkes LLP; Esposito Construction; Belle Contractors; Minno & Wasko, Architects and Planners; Design 446, Marketing and Advertising; Greystar Real Estate Partners; Langan Engineering & Environmental Services; Melillo + Bauer Associates, Landscape Architects, and Mary Cook Associates, Interior Design.